Business Funding

Seasoned Tradelines are the proven way to rapidly increase your credit scores on all 3 bureaus.

Business Line of Credit

More than 90% of the Approval Rate

We are aware of the fact that every business is striving hard to achieve its objectives in terms of growth at the earliest. This business line of credit provides you an option to borrow up to a certain limit and pay interest on only the portion of the money that you borrowed. This could be similar to how a credit card works. You will be able to repay the funds and can continue to draw on the line

Have more money as you need it via a business line of credit. Without waiting more, apply now to have the flexible financing you require as your business jumps to higher peaks. You are most welcome to have a conversation with our expert Business Financing Advisor who will accurately answer your queries and support you throughout the complete process.

Business Credit Cards

Having a Business Credit Card
  • It is made for your ease and convenience. This can be proven to be a flexible way to increase your company’s strength in the context of doing investments and achieving big purchasing objectives.
  • A fact is that this type of credit card gives micro businesses a secure and easier way to access a revolving line of credit with a certain limit. Some benefits are that it is more convenient to be qualified for a card rather than a loan; it will play a vital role for any business owner in providing a financial cushion them. That is more useful in the current era in terms of online doing bigger online transactions as well as this Helps with bookkeeping.
  • Business owners know every penny they spend counts. When it comes to making the most of business transactions, using a credit card can be a rewarding strategy.
  • Business credit cards can offer a range of benefits. These include rewards or cash back, loyalty points, travel protections and expense management. The key to finding the best business card for you is identifying which of those factors matter for your business and determining what you value most: Rewards, cash back or help with building credit.
  • 0% Interest Business Credit Cards:
  • This is something you would be happy about. We do provide 0% interest rate based Business Credit Cards in order to help your business scale grow and sustain for long-term. LeverageFast do not think one way, we are here to support each individual in the best possible way we can.
How to use a business credit card?

A business credit card is a convenient way to purchase items for your business and to pay for business expenses. It also helps with managing your cashflow. This is because a business credit card comes with an interest free period of usually around 56 days. This means you can pay for business expenses without incurring any interest costs during this period. Your business may have times where invoices are overdue and as a result you lack the cashflow needed to fund your business expenses. A business credit card acts as a bridge for these periods of time. Ideally you will be able to clear your business credit card balance before the interest free period expires. If you find you are regularly incurring credit card interest costs and/or are struggling to get your clients to pay invoices on time, then invoice finance may be a more viable alternative.

Should I have a business credit card?
A business credit card offers several benefits:
  • Manage your cashflow with an interest free period
  • Easy to track spending and review business expenses
  • Separate personal and business costs for easier accounting
  • Convenient way to purchase goods for your business, online and in store
  • Remove the need for petty cash – easy to track and no need for reimbursement
  • Easy for purchases internationally or expenses abroad
  • Build the credit score of your business
  • Some business credit cards offer cashback and rewards